a dream of togetherness

Like the deserts miss the rain

you go boy! use them,
make they pay for your cheddar sandwich
and then break their hearts and marriages!

Vlaamse Steenweg

from antwerp to brussels and every station i get in

I don't know how I feel about seeing you again.
You're a bit too intense.

picture this: your lips on my lips
the mirror has to do for now cause you vanished like a cloud

Dans l'attente d'une rencontre ultérieure, veuillez accepter- je vous prie chèr Mr. Duraud- l'expression de ma gratitude exubérante. Avec la plus grande humilité je tire une salve d'honneur destiné à l'incontournable magicien de la vocabulaire française- que êtes vous,
Mr Rombaut

Au revoir

"I love you," what did they mean… ? They mean "I've fucked you and now I need to fuck you again, and possibly a few more times after that and I'll be jealous, insane with jealousy if anyone else fucks you" (Simon Gray)
Cargo de nuit

It took time